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Personal Borrowing

Personal Borrowing Solutions

McHenry Savings Bank’s personal lending products are offered with your financial future in mind. We offer consumer loans, home equity loans, and several mortgage options to help you navigate life’s most important purchases. One of MSB’s experienced financial advisors will explain the terms of all loans, and help customize them to fit your personal circumstances.

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Home Purchase

Whether it is your 1st purchase or your 5th, you will have questions. We are here to answer them. Finding the right product to fit your needs is what we do best.

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Car / RV / Boat Loans

Do you dream of buying a Car, Boat, or Recreation Vehicle? MSB has a loan with terms and rates that make your dream a reality.

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Refinancing makes sense in today’s environment. You could lower the amount of interest you are paying and potentially lower your payments or the life of your loan. People refinance for a variety of reasons: improve monthly cash flow by lowering your payment, take out equity in the current loan for home projects or to take a special trip, pay for college or a wedding. If you have had your loan for 5 years or more, it could be worth the time to see what refinancing can do for you.

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Express Equity REFI

For a $299 total fee, receive loan approval in as little as 3 business days with cash in your hand in as little as 14 days. With a max loan of $175,000, the Express Equity is a unique home equity loan that replaces your existing mortgage.

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Car / RV / Boat Loans

Refinancing your car, boat or RV might improve your monthly cash flow freeing up your money to do other things… like take that vacation you really need.

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MSB Mortgage and Consumer Loan departments are here to empower our clients, through a streamlined process built to find the best loan that fits their current financial needs. We consult our clients in a rapidly changing market place and educate them to make sure they understand the advantages of their mortgage and homeownership. Finding the right vehicle to move your life forward and making it more enjoyable is our specialty.

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Kent T. Jones

Producing Regional
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(815) 331-6431
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Jim Lukas

Senior Advisor
Mortgage Banking
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Ryan Harris

Mortgage Loan
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Kelly Johnson

AVP, Consumer Loan
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